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  • สล็อต007

    Deco Deluxe Inc. is a unique and innovative company leading the finishing materials industry. We offer a great alternative to materials such as Marble, Ceramic Tile, Granite, Stone, Natural Wood, MDF, paint and wallpaper.

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    Our finishing materials are free of any form of radiation or harmful substances, and are environmentally friendly. The installation of our materials is safe, clean and straightforward. You will find that there is absolutely no sanding or dust in the installation process. Instead, we utilize construction adhesives, double-sided tape and very few tools to erect our walls. These are a few features that make us leaders in the industry.

    With Deco Deluxe, the choice is yours. Whether you’re looking to transform the walls of your home or business, or customize your project with our experienced architects, Deco is here for you. With over 60 styles and colours of marble/granite, stone and wood series, we are confident that we will not only meet, but exceed your expectations and taste preference.  Our finishing products are sold across Canada and USA.  Installation services are only available in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, Grimsby, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, St. Catharines, Brampton areas.


    Durable, lightweight, 4’x 8′ panels are an ideal substitute for marble, stone, ceramic tile, MDF, natural wood, paint and wallpaper.

    Easy to install, no sanding, no dust- using only construction adhesive, double sided tape and very few tools.

    Affordable, a very competitive price compared to most of other finishing materials.

    Over 60 styles and colors readily available. New in Canada and exclusive for Deco Deluxe Inc.

    Finishing Products

    ?Our Services


    Products are designed for you or your contracts to install easily. If needed, we can do installations at an affordable rate.

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    We have handled many projects big and small. Our experienced staff can help you select and design based on your requirements and expectation.

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    For all of the contractors and handymen at home, we can sell directly to you. We are capable of handling any volume of business.

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